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Serviced Office

Traditional Office

Home Office

Cost Saving

Man-Power cost
Save cost on hiring secretary, receptionist and cleaner

Utility cost
Save cost on electricity, water, management fee, government rates, and government tax

Renovation cost
Save investing cost on renovation of the office

Furniture cost
Save investing cost on new office furniture

Office Equipments cost
Save investing cost on new office equipments e.g. photocopier, water dispenser etc.

Telecom cost
Save cost on new telephone lines, fax lines, broadband internet service and IDD rates

Working Environment

Working Atmosphere
Having a quite and comfortable working atmosphere

Conference Room
Having a 8 person conference room in the office for general meeting and conference

Tidiness & Cleaning
Provide daily cleaning service for up-keeping the office and maintain tidiness

Having an environment able to concentrate, in order to maintain high productivity rate

Transportation Convenience
Having a convenience business location for easy accessibility by clients

Business Convenience
Located in a convenience commercial area which can easily access nearby commercial facilities e.g. banks, post office etc.

Services & Images

Secretarial Service support
Having experienced secretaries providing ad-hoc assistance whenever needed

Professional opinion
Having an business expert team giving corporate recommendation whenever required

All rounded services
Working in a hassle-free office, as all non-business related work is being handled as well e.g. office maintenance, administration work etc.

Commercial Mailing Address
Having a prestigious commercial address so as to increase corporate image

Corporate image
Having a international corporate firm image for your company by professional handling and business setup