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At Global Business Centre, we focus on providing professional and functional workspace solutions tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. Global Business Centre also allows our clients to retain their corporate identity, while giving them all the benefits of a traditional lease, with the added value that a flexible term  and co-working office benefits to their business. Global Business Centre offers these flexible office solutions at affordable prices, giving our clients outstanding value for money.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent services at reasonable rates at Global Business Centre. And we also offer maximum flexibility and self-identity to our client to ensure their business runs smoothly and quickly reach their full potential. Global Business Centre strive to create a friendly and supportive environment and our on site professional management team is ready to assist you and your business, whilst you concentrate on running your business.

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Acquired license

Acquired Trust or Company Service Provider Licence


New Office

Moved to new office after 24 years


Developed call database system with Avaya

Call and client database system was developed with Avaya 


New Management

Insert new management handling daily operation



One of the earliest business centre in Hong Kong

Our History

Global Business Centre establish since 1988 in Hong Kong.

Our Business Centre gives you a choice of setting yourself at a fully furnished serviced office and using wide variety of business service and facilities you may need. Or our virtual office package that can suit your business needs even without an office or serviced office.

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